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The TV has lawyer commercials on all the time, “If you or a loved one has Mesothelioma….” But what is it? Hopefully this article will help you understand. More attention is being called to it right now, as Merlin Olsen succumbed to it Thursday after a year long battle.

Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma Definition

There is a tissue that covers your lungs (among other organs) called the mesothelium. This lining actually produces lubrication for your organs to move, say during breathing. When this rare cancer develops of this lining it is called Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma. For a map with statistics on age and area, you can see it at this CDC site.

Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma Causes

Asbestos is the main cause for Mesothelioma. When a person breathes in the Asbestos, it damages the mesothelium lining and causes changes in the cells. However, it could take up to thirty years post exposure before Mesothelioma develops. This is a proven way that one can get Mesothelioma.

There is some speculation that exposure to the virus SV40 could possibly also be linked to Mesothelioma. Researchers have found SV40 cells in Mesothelioma patients, but it is important to keep in mind, they also have done so in healthy people.

Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma Symptoms

The symptoms of Mesothelioma are those which can easily be dismissed as something far less serious at first, and oftentimes goes overlooked. Some may think they have the flu. They are as



Other symptoms are easily seen as a real problem and are as follows:

Pain in the side of the chest
Shortness of breath
Weight loss
Trouble swallowing

Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma Treatments

It is very difficult to treat Mesothelioma. If caught still early, say stage one or two, sometimes surgery can be performed to remove the cancer. Because of the area it is in, treatment by surgery is very difficult. Just as with other cancers, radiation and chemotherapy are options chosen by the specialists.

The patient is spoken to by their oncologist about what stage they are in and how this will effect treatment. The very hard decision is then made to try to treat the cancer, or to base treatment on comfort of the patient.

Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma Outlook

Unfortunately, Mesothelioma is a very hard cancer to treat. Patients are usually told they have a year to live. With new research, there are more and more Mesothelioma survivors past that one year outlook. The five year survival rate is a mere 9%.


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When one thinks of how to vacation on the cheap, it is usually with regards to immediate cash flow, and not in the long term. For long term ways on how to vacation on the cheap, cottages and trailers on seasonal campsites top the list of the best, with RVs pulling up a close third. The trailer and the RV allow you more freedom; the ability to pack up and move on if you don’t like your surroundings, or if you just want a change of scenery. Having a cottage, you can go there any time, all year long, and even rent it out for extra income, which can go towards the purchase price of the cottage, or towards renovations or additions.

For some people, however, how to vacation on the cheap is dictated by finding cheap airline tickets to an amazingly low-priced all-inclusive resort, where all food, drinks, tips and taxes are included in the price. But these are one-off vacations, and for the price of five to ten of these vacations, you can have a mobile home with all of the luxuries that you have come to expect out of life, like running water and a flush toilet, maybe a shower, a kitchen and a couple of bedrooms with decent mattresses.

Owning a cottage on the waterfront allows you a wealth of activities that will increase the value of your cottage and property, as well as adding to your recreational and relaxation activities. Building a dock, a boat house, and a large wrap around deck top the list of things to do for an unfinished or a pretty old cottage, along with renovations and a large campfire pit with surrounding seating. A brick barbecue, closer to one of the cottage’s main doors, will add to the cooking abilities for meals during inclement weather.

Owning an RV or a trailer allows you to have a new vacation every time you get leave from work for a few days. You can make a map of your journeys, and make sure that each time you go, you go on a completely different journey than any others you have already done. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. Or, you can share the driving and navigation duties with the other valid drivers, making only really short pit stops for gas, food and drink, drastically reducing the travel time, in days. There really is no need to stop for the night when on your way to your vacation destination with an RV, but with a trailer, you have to stop for the nights.

Owning a trailer, you can either keep a seasonal site, where you can store your trailer for free during the winter months, or you can store your trailer yourself or at a self storage site. You may even find a campground that allows you to use your trailer all year long if you park there for seasonal rates. You can store your trailer at a campground that you really love, or one where all of your friends and/or family have their trailers setup on seasonal sites as well.

No matter your preferences, from the type of journey to your destination, how to vacation on the cheap includes waiting for off-season rates for special events, bringing your own foods and staples, and vacationing in places where there are lots of activities for everyone to enjoy. For the airline traveler, staying in expensive, 5-star hotels with all amenities may seem idyllic, but once you get home, there is little to show for your time spent.


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A winter staycation in Los Angeles is a cheap way for locals to enjoy family time together while the kids are out of school for the holidays. Los Angeles vacations rarely highlight cheap hot spots – this staycation guide picks up where they leave off.

Winter Staycation Road Trip: Angeles Crest Highway

There is nothing quite like the Angeles Crest Highway on a cloudy day. Drive slowly along this (often) two-lane highway and enjoy the vistas of the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel mountain range. Pack a picnic lunch and veer off at mile marker 34.2 to access the Switzer picnic area and its 22 picnic tables. Bring the hiking boots and plan on a short post-repast hike. Orient yourself by getting directions to the nearest junction with the SR2. As cheap vacations go, this activity is about as cheap as it gets.

(Free) Cultural L.A. Vacation Destination: The Getty

The J. Paul Getty Museum (a.k.a. “The Getty”) is a premier winter staycation destination. As outlined in my Getty visitor guide, the hours of operation are Tuesdays through Thursdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays the hours are extended until 9 p.m. Fine art rubs elbows with gorgeous landscapes and modernistic sculptures. This staycation stop is free to visit but there is a $15 parking fee per car (on Saturdays after 5 p.m., there is no fee!)

Hollywood Forever Cemetery: the L.A. Vacation Must-See

Although winter in sunny Southern California is rarely as drab, cold and forbidding as it is in other parts of the country – we have palm trees and azure skies year round! – there is something sobering about stopping at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery during a winter staycation.

The movie buff and hobby historian may pay homage to Rudolph Valentino, Cecil B. DeMille and Jayne Mansfield. Real life tragedies (that rocked the newspapers of the 1940s and onward) allow for a more removed evaluation through the looking glass of time. Pick a cloudy day for your visit. Hours are daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Staycation Staple: The Venice Beach Freakshow

Plenty of Los Angeles vacations take tourists to Venice Beach and its curiosity shops and pier attractions. During this winter staycation, do not neglect to visit the Venice Beach Freakshow! A word of caution to moms of very impressionable toddlers and those who will faint at the sight of two-headed turtles, a wide array of stuffed wildlife with extra appendages and also a few preserved human body parts or circus freaks: the $3 is money well-spent if you have the stomach for a real live freak show where tattoos and piercings rule.

L.A. Vacation/Staycation Resources:

Angeles Crest Highway: SR2
J. Paul Getty Museum at 1200 Getty Center Drive in Los Angeles, 90049
Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, 90038
Venice Beach Freakshow at 909 Ocean Front Walk in Venice Beach, 90291


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A few weeks ago my passion for writing articles landed me in the hospital for a 24 hour stay. If you write articles in the dark, you could also be at risk of a hospital visit.

I love to write articles on just about anything, but with a busy work schedule and family life, I have to steal time to write whenever I can, and that means mostly in the dark early mornings. I wake up at 5am every morning when it’s still dark outside. I wake up, work out, shower, eat and by 6am it’s time to write articles. My computer is located in my bedroom and I don’t want to wake my wife or newborn, so I write in the dark, early, mornings – which can hurt my eyes. I’ve been able to write in the dark without any problems for a while, but then I started to experience problems.

While at work one evening my eyes started to have problems. I was talking to a customer when my eyes started to have a fuzzy, bright, and cloudy glare in them. I can only explain these eye problems by comparing it to looking at the sun for a long time, and then looking away from it, leaving the glowing bright glare in your eyes.

I started rubbing my eyes hoping to fix the problems with my eyes and the customer asked if anything was wrong. I played it off because I thought the eye problems would subside, but my eyes continued to have problems. These problems lasted for over two hours, leaving me with no peripheral vision in my eyes at all – then the really bad migraines started.

The next day, I had no problems at all. I woke up and started to write in the dark as usual, with no problems, but the next day the problems with my eyes returned. I was at work again when my eyes started to have problems, but only in my right eye this time. My migraines also returned but this time I also had memory problems. I was talking to a customer about a computer when my mind just froze. I completely forgot what we were talking about and I couldn’t remember things I knew I should, but just couldn’t access.

I had no idea what was wrong with me so I called my wife and we went to the emergency room at a local hospital. The nurse examined my eyes, and after listening to my symptoms, informed me that they were going to admit me to the hospital overnight.

I asked what the problems with my eyes were caused by and the nurse said that they would be testing me for a stroke. “A Stroke?” – But I was one of the healthiest people I knew. I worked out on a daily basis, I didn’t eat junk, I drink lots of water, and I don’t do drugs or alcohol; I’m what most would consider I health nut – the only vice I had was working too hard and writing articles in the dark.

The following morning the hospital performed a CAT scan, Echo exam, and MRI test on me to pinpoint the problems with my eyes – this was getting serious. The doctor came to my room about 8 hrs later and explained that I was suffering from was called Ocular Migraines – a form of migraines that are rooted in the eyes and can cause migraines, lost of eyesight, dizziness and memory loss. As hard as I work, it was getting up to write articles in the dark mornings that landed me in the hospital.

The doctor didn’t even prescribe anything for the problems, he just told me to buy some Advil and turn on a light when I write (instead of writing in the dark ). I was relieved that there weren’t any serious problems with my eyes (or body), and now when I write, I turn on a light.

-Has this ever happened to you? Do you write in the dark or mornings? Drop a line in the comment box and tell us all about it.

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What Employers Want

Awareness of employer’s expectations is essential to finding a job. Older job-hunting techniques focused on “you”, the person. It laid emphasis on your work history, accomplishments, academic background and other credentials. It focused on your qualifications and objectives as well. But that has changed and today, employers expect you to know what their needs are and tell them how you can complement the organization.


Displaying the right energy and initiative is very important. Energetic people are credited with enthusiasm, vigor and drive and that is exactly what employers want. Most jobs require you to be proactive. Employers can easily evaluate this ability, almost as soon as the candidate enters the room. If you are not an energetic person, you should practice ways to look and act accordingly, in order to make a good first impression. It can make a huge difference; most of the time, job opportunities are won or lost on approach and preparation.

Specific Skills

Every job involves a set of specific skills and education or training, with the required background and experience. Most often, these skill sets are mentioned in the advertisement. If, however, they are not mentioned specifically, find out about the company and its hierarchical structure. This will help you to prepare to present specific abilities and initiative, creating a positive impact on the employer. Your primary concern, once you have the list of required skills, should be to present evidence that you have those skills.

This could involve your academic qualifications, projects and achievements. In addition, you need to project the capability to meet job responsibilities, work experience, voluntary activities and tasks in personnel management. The key is to try to match your skills and capability to the specific requirement of the employer. Highlight the relevant areas, since recruiters usually do not have a lot of time on hand and have to deal with a number of applications. They show interest only in particular skill sets that are required by the organizations that they represent. Make these skill sets noticeable. Precision and brevity are important too, but it is also important to highlight the skills you possess and how you can be an asset to the firm.

Transferable Skills

There are particular skills that most employers look for that have nothing to do with the competencies required for the particular job. These skills indicate the development potential and not the knowledge level. These so-called transferable skills include communication, teamwork, leadership, initiative, problem solving, adaptability, motivation and numerical skills. In addition to this, private sector companies prefer the candidate to have some idea of how the firm operates, current business news and trends and their impact on the organization. The courses completed, work experience and hobbies are of value as well. Be ready to answer clearly if asked at the interview as to how your education has prepared you for a specific job. You should be prepared with a good and precise answer. It is important to plan in advance.

By applying the steps above, you will be well on your way to giving employers what they want and conducting a highly successful job search.
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Tips for Job Search and Career Success

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Trading breakouts is one of the most popular methods of trading the forex markets with MT4 trendline ea because it is a market that often trend very well after a period of consolidation. Forex breakout trading is made easier if you use mt4 trendline EA as the trading tool to prepare the charts for forex trading.

Breakout Strategy With MT4 Trendline EA

Forex breakout strategy is an easy trading system to start for beginning forex traders. This is because this strategy is very easy to execute and easy to identify. All you need for breakout trade is to wait for the market to go into consolidation mode, identify the support and resistance line channels and then wait for the price to break-out of the upper or lower channel line that you drew; next you enter a trade in the direction of the breakout. It will take less than 10 minutes to prepare the charts with mt4 trendline ea.

The Benefits Of Trading Breakouts With MT4 Trendline EA

Benefits of Trading Trendline Breakout:

1.It is an excellent opportunity to hone your basic trading skills like entering the correct trading lot size, stop loss and take profit levels.

2.This is a simple forex strategy which does not have complicated rules so this will be an ideal strategy for beginning traders. Most traders will not be too comfortable trading strategies that require 2 or more indicators and then working with chart patterns to buy the dips sell at the top . Breakout strategy on the other hand is easier to learn.

3.Trading strategies on breakout concept have certain rules in setting up stop losses. It is very important for new traders because it helps to guide these traders to the right money management rules. Constant violation of money management rules is the most popular reason of failure in forex trading.

4.It will teach the traders to be patient since in most cases breakout systems will only happen after long periods of consolidations. During this period, there may be false breakouts which may attract traders to get into. However, subsequent false breakout will bring forth a step closer to a true breakout. This will require resilience after losing from a false breakout to start over again with a fresh mind eyeing for the next trade opportunity.

5.These trading systems can easily be automated by using the mt4 trendline EA. Entry and exit rules can be pre-specified into such mt4 trendline EA. The trader will need to draw the channel with the trendline tool and define the trend channel. After which, specified the entry and exit conditions using the mt4 trendline EA. Finally, it is all that is required for the trader to do. Then, he can leave all the work to the mt4 trendline EA. The EA will scan the market for trade breakouts. If price breaks beyond either one of the drawn trendline (channel boundary), a trade will automatically be entered.

Improving Trading Performance With MT4 Trendline EA

Despite being quite a basic concept, it can be a extremely profitable trading strategy because the price often moves in a huge manner upwards or downwards after long periods of consolidation. Automating forex breakout strategy with mt4 trendline EA will be a necessary and effective for the long-term breakout trader. Certainly, it should improve his performance in trading breakout ensuring that he will not miss potential breakout signals even if he is not at the computer.

Warren Seah

What if you just couldn’t trade forex effectively with a day time job?

This method is simple to pick up and it automates most of manual forex systems. Yes, it can automate your personal forex system. You can read how to do it in my free report here:Trendline Trading

Don’t give up hope, it’s NOT impossible. MT4 Trendline EA will expand your trading capabilities to greater trading success learn more by clicking the link.

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