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“Investing simply means allowing individuals, businesses, and governments to borrow your money in return for a fee, or interest” (Keown, 2007, p. 17). You may ask yourself, why is investing so important? Countless Americans live their lives day to day without once investing their money. They each have their own unique explanations and/or excuses why they do not choose to invest. Some may feel that they do not have enough money to start investing. Or others might believe that investing is such a complicated process that it is not worth their time. Perhaps some of them even insist that investing is not for them-i.e., “investing is only for those who are rich or are into business,” “I’m too young (or old) to start investing,” or “investing is too risky; I’m not willing to lose all of my money.” So, why should I consider investing?

Preparing for the Unexpected

First of all, investing helps people prepare for unexpected emergencies and hardships in the future (Keown, 2007). I have plenty of personal experience of how being ill prepared for the future can ravage a family. For example, my father worked hard since he was about fourteen years old. He had his ups and downs, but he brought in steady money, so he was able to provide fairly well for himself and his family most of his life. However, investing and saving for the future was never a priority of his. In the end, my father never even saved money for his own retirement. Unfortunately, he became permanently disabled in 2001 and has not been able to work ever since. Because he never saved or invested any money for his future, he is now stuck living on Social Security Disability benefits, which does not even pay for everything he needs each month the majority of the time. In the end, this has caused me to realize how important it is for every person to learn the basics of investing.

Reaching Your Personal Goals

Also, investing allows you to accomplish many of your goals in life (Keown, 2007). Whether you want to own your own home, buy a new car, or even go on an extended vacation to Europe, investing is a valuable tool. Overall, investing allows you to make your money work for you, so you can make more money to reach more of your goals in a shorter amount of time (MetLife Consumer Education Center, 2008). Consequently, the earlier you begin saving and investing your money, the more money you can make and the easier it will be to finance the more challenging of your dreams, such as buying your own home or saving for your children’s future college expenses (Keown, 2007, p. 352).

Lending vs. Ownership Investments

It is also important to realize that investing comes in various forms. Investments can be broken down into two basic types: (1) lending investments and (2) ownership investments. Lending investments encompass all invested money that represents a loan to an entity. Some of the most common examples of lending investments include savings accounts and bonds. A lending investment represents a promise from the entity to repay the original amount, as well as any agreed upon interest or fixed amount. On the other hand, ownership investments are any investments that purchase actual assets that are owned by the investor, such as real estate or stocks. Any extra money earned by ownership investments are usually in the form of profits and/or dividends (Keown, 2007, p. 354).

Investments for Short-term & Long-term Goals

Investment options can also be divided by their purpose. For example, savings accounts and insured market-rate accounts (IMRAs) are ideal for short-term goals since you can take out your money with comparatively few restrictions but still earn interest on your money. Then, for goals more in the future, you might choose to invest in Certificates of Deposit (CDs), which earn even more interest for a set period of time, or U.S. Savings Bonds, which continue to earn interest until their mature date (University of Maryland University College, 2007).

Investments for Specific Goals

Finally, there are investments that are made for more specific reasons. A good example of such investments are investments for your retirement. Retirement investment options are often made available through a person’s employer, such as 401(k) plans or 403(b) plans. Also, for those who are self-employed, Keogh plans are available so they may save up to a specified amount of their income without being taxed. And for those who qualify, the federal government allows people to invest in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) up to a certain amount and be tax exempt (MetLife Consumer Education Center, 2008).

Additional Information About Investing

In conclusion, I encourage you to find out more about investing and what investments might be right for you. Here are five websites that offer valuable information about selecting, calculating, and monitoring the investments necessary to reach your financial goals and to prepare yourself and your family for the unexpected.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission-Calculators for Investors: http://www.sec.gov/investor/tools.shtml

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provides links to ten helpful tools for investors: (1) Mutual Fund Cost Calculator, (2) Tax-Free vs. Taxable Yield Comparison Calculator, (3) College Savings Calculator, (4) Loan Calculator, (5) Savings Calculator, (6) Mutual Fund Breakpoint Search Tool, (7) Social Security Retirement Planner, (8) Ballpark Estimate Retirement Calculator, (9) 529 College Savings Plan Expense Calculator, and (10) Investor Quiz: Test Your Money Smarts. These links are extremely valuable tools for those who are new to investing and/or who are looking to calculate the amounts they should invest for important financial goals, such as retirement or their children’s college education.

Investopedia.com-Your Source For Investing Education: http://www.investopedia.com/

Investopedia.com offers an array of information for researching and comparing different investment options. From those just starting to invest to those wishing to expand and/or update their current investment portfolio, this web site offers articles, an investment dictionary, investment tutorials (for beginners, experienced investors, active traders, and those interested in retirement planning), a stock simulator to help predict the future of stock investments, and a stock community for members to communicate with other stock owners about their investments.

Investors.com-Online Edition of Investor’s Business Daily: http://www.investors.com/

Investors.com is a web site that is geared toward investors old and new. It supplies a well of investing information divided into four sections: (1) News & Analysis, (2) IBD Stock Lists, (3) How to Invest, and (4) IBD Store. Most notably, Investors.com operates an entire part of its web site (under News & Analysis) for the analysis and monitoring of various investment options. Also, this site boasts its own financial dictionary and offers workshops (for a fee) for different levels of investors to acquire the training needed to make sound investments.

MSN Money-Investing:http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/home.asp

MSN Money contains an entire section dedicated to informing investors. This site provides everything from a Beginner’s Guide to Investing to education and news articles about various investment options to a Quote Watchlist (to track stock interests). MSN Money also offers software to track your investments: Portfolio Manager Essentials and Investment Toolbox.

Yahoo! Finance:http://finance.yahoo.com/

My personal favorite is Yahoo! Finance. I have used this web site in the past to help me with some of my own personal finance interests since it offers information and helpful tips for various decisions, including budgeting, selecting loans, and choosing a car to fit your needs. Yahoo! Finance also provides an entire section for investing, which includes up-to-date information about the stock market, an Options Analysis Tool to help you decide which investments are best for you, and financial information for just about every industry imaginable.


Keown, A. J. (2007). Personal finance (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

MetLife Consumer Education Center. (2008). Investing for the first time. Retrieved June 16, 2008, from http://www.metlife2000.org/Applications/Corporate/WPS/CDA/PageGenerator/0,4773,P2005,00.html

University of Maryland University College (UMUC). (2007). Types of investments for the short- to medium term. Retrieved June 16, 2008, from http://militaryfinance.umuc.edu/investing/inv_types.html

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Make money online through 4 Week Fast Track. Amazing feedbacks by 4 Week Fast Track Review. The 4 Week Fast Track Chris Farrell is an online training program that will help you make money online! Ever wonder if 4 Week Fast Track Scam? how Does 4 Week Fast Track Work? or Is 4 Week Fast Track Legit? All these and more will be discussed by Chris Farrell 4 Week Fast Track Review.

Dog training isn’t something that should be mechanized — it should be about a working relationship between you and your dog. That said, however, you should also know how to implement helpful training aids that increase understanding and emphasize commands. Training tools, when used correctly, offer a highly consistent method of either making a command or drawing the dog’s attention to negative behavior.

The first helpful tool for dog training that I want to discuss is the “clicker”. While some dog owners prefer to use their hands — clapping, snapping and making other noises — the clicker is a static noise that will never vary, which helps with consistency. A clicker is a plastic device that makes a sharp sound when you depress the thumb press, and it can be used to capture your dog’s attention or to signal a certain command.

Short vs. Long Leashes
With dog training, it is important to have two different types of leases: one short and one long. The shorter leash is used for maintaining control of your dog during intensive training while the longer leash is used to practice remote commands without giving up all control. These two types of leashes should be used for different tasks and should be studied for their methods of training. When you don’t limit yourself to one or the other, your dog training regimen becomes more complete.

Electrical Shock Aids
There are a few different types of electrical shock aids that might come in handy when training your dog. The first is the electrical (or shock) collar, which is used to correct negative behavior from a distance. You can also purchase electrical shock pads for your furniture when you’re out of the house or out of the room. These pads emit a mild shock when your dog tries to jump on the furniture (just make sure you remove them before you sit down). Electrical shock aids are considered too extreme by some people, while others have found them enormously helpful as training tools.

Chemical Deterrents
A chemical deterrent is a spray or cream that you put on things you don’t want your dog to eat or chew. Flavors such as “bitter apple” keep your dog from putting his mouth on things that are not edible. Some people even use these chemical deterrents with dogs who habitually chew on their own body parts, such as Dalmatians who develop “hot spots”. Chemical deterrents should be used with care, however, because dogs can be allergic to some of them. Test them first on one or two items and watch for negative effects.

Dogs that bite or nip repeatedly might benefit from the use of a muzzle. Even if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you should familiarize your pet with it for trips to the groomer’s or the veterinarian. This way, it won’t come as much of a shock when a professional decides it’s necessary.

Tools for dog training should be thoroughly explored and you should always know how to use them correctly before implementing them in your training program. Most of these tools come with instructions for use, but if you’re still confused, talk with your vet or a dog training professional before use.

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Be a successful internet marketer, get fresh ideas from Easy Video Suite. Read the Easy Video Suite Review, to get the latest scoop. Easy Video Suite Download is available now! Know the difference of Easy Video Suite Vs CamtasiaEasy Video Suite Discount now, so grab the chance to avail one! Easy Video Suite By Josh Bartlett will definitely increase your profit. Do you wanna know, Is Easy Video Suite Legit? how Does Easy Video Suite Work? or Is Easy Video Suite Worth ItBuy Easy Video Suite now at a very affordable rate. Learn more about it, especially if Easy Video Suite Scam. Of course it’s not!

So, you’re a small business, you’ve set up a website and you’ve added a blog. Now what?

Do you have an internet marketing plan? Have you thought of what online strategies you will use to be successful? As with large businesses, internet marketing strategies for small businesses should start with identifying your online goals.

Hopefully you have already considered and written down these online goals, but if you haven’t done so already, you should ask yourself “Why do I have or need a website?” and “What do I want it to do for my business?” The answers to these and other specific questions should help you develop specific internet marketing strategies designed to achieve these goals.

First, your desired audience needs to find your website, then they need to have a satisfying experience, and ultimately they need to engage with your website as you have intended for them to do. This is where specific website goals come into play.

Getting Visitors To Your Website in the First Place

In order to enable visitors to find you, you need to come up high in the search engine results for your chosen keyword phrases. Does your site show up in the top half of the first page of a search? Many factors must work together in order to achieving a high search position – here is a good resource for learning what it takes: http://searchengineland.com/seotable.

Giving Website Visitors What they Want

For visitors to have a satisfying experience on your site, they need to easily find what THEY are looking for. Are they leaving your website right away because it wasn’t what they expected, or are they sticking around to get what they need?

Getting What You Want – Achieving Your Online Marketing Goals

In order for visitors to engage with your website as YOU have intended, you have to effectively guide them towards these goals. Is your website structured so that they can quickly find what they are looking for? Is your content engaging and accessible so that if it is information they are looking for, they will find it and read it before they leave the site?

As a result of visiting your website, are people emailing you more, contacting you more, calling you more, making more reservations, hiring you? How do you know?

Measuring How You Are Doing and Reacting to the Results

You can measure how your website is doing in all of these areas with the help of website analytics programs such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and you can adjust your internet marketing strategies and tactics accordingly.

Using an internet marketing plan is an ongoing process, and identifying website goals, developing a plan, optimizing a site appropriately, measuring the results, and reacting accordingly all help in developing more effective internet marketing strategies for small businesses like yours.

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Now is the time to become successful. Read the Options Neuromaster Reviews it will help you lean more on how to make money. The Options Neuromaster Software Download is now ready and available. Do you have questions like, Is Options Neuromaster Legit? or how Does Options Neuromaster Work? is Options Neuromaster Scam? Get more details from the latest Options Neuromaster 2.3. Options Neuromaster by Konstantin Grek will help you gain more without spending too much.

Trading forex (foreign currency) without any form of safety net, such as a stop loss, is suicide. However, a stop-loss used in a clumsy or random manner can turn a lot of your trades into losses. Many times your position will be stopped out, only to find it back in profit the next day. Of course, you’re not back in black, you already took a loss, and the position has been closed for you.

Alternative to a Stop Loss

There is a nice alternative, and it’s not so new. What is new, is the ability for even small investors to use it in their trading. Forex Options are a better safety net than stop losses. Until last year, we small investors couldn’t use them, or at least not easily. However, last year foreign currency options were listed for several major currency pairs, such as the ISE World Currency Options. You can trade these right now with your existing stock broker. A list of their symbols appears at the bottom of this article.

The options work the same as a Stop-Loss, by protecting your position from excessive losses, but is limited by time. It does not close your position when a set price is hit, but it protects you. You have time to wait for a market reversal. If no reversal comes, you take the loss, same as with a stop-loss. If a reversal does come, you now can enjoy the profit.

For example:

Last week the EUR/USD jumped to 1.3001 (a major resistance level), and I felt it would not break it. I shorted 10 positions at 1.3000 and bought 10 weekly call options on EUU (the symbol for the Euro/US dollar options) at .51 with 4 days left until expiration (strike price at 1.3000). Thus I spent $510, the same as a 51 pip stop loss. There was no way I could lose more than that $510, even if the EUR/USD soared to 1.3250 or beyond. In the following session, the EUR/USD collapsed to 1.2850. I had set a limit order to take profit at 1.2890, so my deal was sealed with $1100 profit, minus the $510 options, for a total $590 net profit. The beauty of that trade, is that I still owned the options for 3 more days. The next day, the EUR/USD rebounded to 1.2945 and I sold the call options for .11 getting $110 back. My total profit for the week = $700.

If you can handle a little more risk, you can buy your options further out-of-the-money. In my trade above, I could have bought 10 calls at the 1.3100 strike price for .07 instead, spending only $70. It would have been the same as a 107 pip stop loss, accepting $1070 in risk. However, my profit for that actual trade would have been greater, at $1030 ($1100 minus $70). It’s up to you – the level of risk you can accept.

On the previous week, I had a similar trade with EUR/USD at 1.2900, and it went against me, to 1.2977. With a stop-loss, I would had realized my loss, and the trade would have been over. Instead, I had 4 more days to get a reversal. Eventually by the end of the week, the EUR/USD was at 1.2865 and I close out my position with a $350 profit, minus the $520 option (.52 that week), netting a $170 loss. That’s a lot better than the $520 loss I would have realized with the stop-loss on Tuesday.

So why is an option better than a Stop-Loss?

With a Stop-Loss:

  • The position is closed when the SL price hits. The trade is dead. If it turns around, too bad.

  • However, it is not limited by time.

With an Option:

  • You have more time, a second chance for a market reversal

  • Still protected with limited risk

  • On a reversal, you can turn a loss into a profit.

  • However, it’s time limited.

Similar strategies can be used with the NADEX binary options.

Managing your losses will be key to your success in forex trading. Options are a better way to manage that risk. The most active symbols are: EUU (EUR/USD), GBP (GBP/USD), and YUK (USD/JPY). Check with the CBOE or ISE World Currency Options for a list of all the symbols, or ask your broker.

See Part II: Advanced Strategies with FX Options and Spot Forex

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1k Per Day Formula



Do you wanna know what’s the right 1k Per Day Formula? 1k Per Day Formula Review will discuss the right 1k Per Day Formula that will be your key to success. 1k Per Day Formula By Ryan Lee guarantees you more profit. 1k Per Day Formula Download is now available, grab the chance and get your own now. Having doubts if Is 1k Per Day Formula Legit? or 1k Per Day Formula Scam? and how Does 1k Per Day Formula Work? All these will be discussed here.

In today’s world it’s almost a given that your business will require some type of online presence. Most business owners opt for a Web site where they can offer their product or service. Others choose newsletter publishing, autoresponder courses, or blogs. Before you dive in to these ventures it’s crucial to first determine what it is you want to accomplish by using Internet marketing.

While a website is a good starting point, other mediums should be integrated for maximum marketing potential. Every page of your website should include a subscription box where visitors can subscribe to your newsletter. Offer a bonus gift when they subscribe, such as a free ebook or autoresponder course. The objective is to obtain their email address so that you can continue to build a relationship with them.

Everything you do online should be woven together and interconnected. The following information provides a basic overview of various types of Internet marketing practices, along with tips and suggestions to help determine which practices are best for you.

Choosing a Domain Name

Before you design and build a web site you’ll need to decide on a domain name. Most people purchase a domain name that matches their company name. However, you can purchase a variety of domain names and redirect them to your main URL.

For instance if you own Bugs Be Gone Pest Control Service, it would be logical to purchase the domain of BugsBeGone.com. Additionally, consider the problems that people encounter and how your product solves them. You might want to purchase AntsBeGone.com, FleasBeGone.com, RoachesBeGone.com.

Now, let’s say your pest control service uses only natural insecticides. You would also want to buy the domain names of BugsBeGoneNaturally.com or FleasBeGoneNaturally.com.

Keep in mind that search engines cannot recognize BugsBeGone as a word. However, it can recognize Bugs-Be-Gone. Consider placing a hyphen between the words so they are more easily recognized by the search engines.

When people type in the domain name, they may or may not remember to include the hyphens. When possible invest in both versions — one with hyphens and one without.

You can purchase as many domains names as you want and have each of them point to the same web site.

You will also need to decide if you want .com, .biz, .net, .ws, .org, .tv or .us. The most common extension is .com. Some internet marketing experts recommend purchasing your chosen domain name in each extension. The choice is completely up to you. Just make certain that the domain name you select does not infringe upon anyone’s trademark.

Designing a Web site

Learning how to design and build an effective and profitable web site takes time and research. There are many details to consider. Will you design it yourself or hire a professional? If you design it yourself what classes do you need to take to learn how to build it? Will you use a template-based program or will you build your site from scratch?

Hiring a professional webmaster can make things much easier, if you hire the right person for the job. Keep in mind that you will be forced to work on the webmaster’s schedule. You will need to be able to effectively communicate your vision to another person. And, you will need to pay the person each time you make an update to your site.

Regardless of whether you design your website or hire a professional, there are certain rules you should adhere to when creating a web presence. First and foremost, your web site should be visually appealing. You don’t need flashing banners, music that loads on your home page, and a bunch of fancy fonts.

Your site should use one primary font for the text and a simple primary color scheme. It should have an easy-to-navigate layout and identifiable buttons to link to other pages in the site.

Your content should focus on and address the problems your visitors face and tell them how your product or service can solve those problems. Rather than listing the features of your product or service, detail the benefits. People rarely buy features — they buy benefits.

Don’t depend on your web site designer to write your content. That is best done by you. If you are unable to write effective sales copy, hire someone to do it for you. You will still need to provide them with the content and they can “tweak” it to better appeal to your audience.

Every page of your web site should present a call to action. In other words, tell your visitors what you want them to do while they are at the page. For instance, if you have a web page that talks about a workshop you are hosting and you want people to sign up for the workshop; provide them with the details of what they need to do. Do they call you? If so, provide your phone number. Will they sign up using a form provided on your web site? If so, tell them they need to fill out the form and what to expect after they have finished.

In an online business, your primary call to action should be getting the visitor’s name and email address. You can obtain this information by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter or by offering a free e-course, special report, audio recording, or ebook. Using these methods helps you obtain a list of individuals whom have given you permission to contact them via email. This list is a valuable part of your marketing plan and should be treated with utmost respect.

When you ask people to provide you with their email address through your website, provide them with details of your company’s privacy policy. Most people are apprehensive about providing their email address to people they don’t know. Put their mind at ease by offering a privacy policy that clearly states you don’t share their information with others. Your privacy policy should also include information about the steps you take to keep their information safe.

Your web site should provide an abundance of readily available information to demonstrate your expertise. This information might be in the form of articles you have written or links to your blog. Offer free e-books or a course that provides beneficial information.

Your web site is a tool to help establish your credibility, so use it wisely and provide information your visitors are seeking. Keep in mind that your visitor is always asking “What’s in it for me?”, so make your web site is about your visitor and not about you.

If you will be selling your product or service from your web site, you need to have access to the appropriate technology. At minimum, a merchant account that allows you to process credit card payments is required. The merchant account should include a virtual gateway which enables you to process transactions online. You’ll also need a full-featured shopping cart that will permit you to sell both physical and electronic products.

Newsletter Publishing

Offering a newsletter is an exceptionally effective marketing tool. It grants you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field; provide beneficial information to your readers; and keep your company in front of your target market.

A newsletter can be simple or complex. You can create one from your email account or hire a professional firm. You’ll need to do your homework to determine which delivery method suits your needs.

The frequency of your newsletter depends on the type of information you are providing. Some people publish a weekly newsletter; others prefer a bi-monthly or monthly format. Regardless of how often you publish, just be certain to be consistent. If you tell visitors you publish a weekly newsletter, than make sure you send a newsletter each and every week.

How you use the newsletter is solely up to you. The more beneficial information you provide to subscribers, the more loyal they will become. People receive a tremendous amount of email. If you want your subscribers to actually read yours, make certain you make it worth their while.

Autoresponder Courses

An autoresponder course is a series of letters that build upon the previous message. Generally, they consist of 5 to 7 messages sent over the course of a week or two. Some autoresponder messages are sent out daily, while others might be sent every other day or once a week for 4 to 6 weeks.

Let’s return to the natural pest care company for a moment. The following is a sample of how you could use an autoresponder course for this business:

Although you have provided articles and links to additional resources, you find that some people are hesitant to purchase natural pest control products because they don’t think they work. You want to create an autoresponder course to help change their mind.

Your autoresponder course consists of five messages. Lesson one covers information about common insects. Lesson two talks about why insects have become resistant to chemical insect control products. Lesson three discusses the history of natural products. Lesson four compares the benefits of natural insecticides to the potential hazards of chemical insecticides. Lesson five ties it all together and provides the solution — your product.

By using the autoresponder, you have been in front of a potential customer for five days. By sharing your knowledge, you have built a relationship with them. They now trust you and feel better about opening their wallet. You’ve also set the stage to develop a life-long relationship with this person.

Creating a Blog

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. A blog provides business owners with an opportunity to update information quickly. The environment of a blog is usually more relaxed and personal. Oftentimes, business owners will discuss personal topics on a blog that they wouldn’t share on a web site.

Some business owners use a blog to post their newsletter. They invite subscribers to sign-up via an RSS feed. Updates on the blog are then delivered to recipients as soon as they are posted. Blog entries are quickly picked up in search engines, which is one reason why so many business owners are attracted to them. It can take weeks, months, even years to obtain a top 100 listing for your web site. Some blog entries are picked up in a matter of hours.

If you decide to use a blog to market your business, make certain you remain professional at all times. Check your spelling and grammar. Proof before you post. If you find a mistake, fix it. What you present on your blog is just as important as what you present on your web site.

Internet Marketing Strategies

When it comes to Internet marketing, the possibilities are endless. Creating a strong online presence takes patience and time. Make a plan and research the elements you want to incorporate into your Internet marketing plan.

Everything you need to know is available online or at your local library. When you are ready to learn more, type in what it is you are looking for at your favorite search engine. For instance, if you want to learn more about creating a blog, type in “blog” or “blog software”. If you want to learn about autoresponder courses, type in “free autoresponder software” or “autoresponder.” You’re certain to find a wide variety of choices.

Last, but not least, consider subscribing to your competitor’s newsletter or autoresponder course. Visit their website and review the techniques they are using. This is NOT to say you should copy anything from their marketing materials. You should use this information only to see what is already being done in the marketplace.

1k Per Day Formula

Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore



Want to have that edge in the online dating world? Online Allure Formula is created to help you find the right one for you. Online Allure Formula Review will show you proofs how effective it is. Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore, he designed it because he knows great women needs to find great men! Want to know if Online Allure Formula Scam? or how do Online Allure Formula Results? also how Does Online Allure Formula Work? Is Online Allure Formula Legit? These will be answer only here.

It’s difficult to get back into dating if you are over 40 and have been away from the dating world for awhile. Not only does it seem like all the dating rules have changed, but, that there is simply no one in your age range available to date. So, you’ve been thinking about the Online dating route. Some of your friends may have tried it and found their perfect woman. Others, may have been disappointed, and still others will think you are crazy for even considering online dating. So, now you are wondering just what you should expect from an online dating experience and if it is even worth trying.

Online dating can be a great experience if you go into it with the right frame of mind and the right expectations. Just as there are no guarantees in life, there are also no guarantees in online dating. That being said here is what you can expect.

A Chance To Meet A Variety Of Women

If you go into the online dating arena with an open mind and a sense of adventure you are going to have the chance to meet a variety of women although many you will never meet face to face. Some of these women you will like as friends, some will turn you off completely, and some will interest you enough you will want to meet in person. While posting a profile on an Online dating site won’t guarantee you will get a date, let alone meet the woman of your dreams it gives you the opportunity to meet woman with all kinds of likes and dislikes, all different personalities, and from all walks of life. By meeting many women you increase your likelihood of finding someone you at least like well enough to pursue.

Don’t Expect To Meet A Rich, Beautiful Nymphomaniac

While such women probably do exist somewhere, they are going to be few and far between and most won’t be found on an online dating site. The women you find on these sites, are usually your normal everyday women, who like you are back in circulation after some years away from the dating game and looking for a nice man to date with the hope of maybe falling in love again some day. Some will be beautiful, some not so beautiful, some will be witty, or intelligent, or a combination of things. But, most are going fit into what can be considered realistic expectations.

Expect There Will Be Some Minor Success And Major Rejections

There are going to be women with whom you make a connection and may feel comfortable enough to date. Many of these women will become friends, a few lovers and if you are lucky maybe one will become the love of your life. However, in the process you are going to encounter some rejection along the way and you have to understand that it is all a part of life. Chances are you are going to be doing a bit of your own rejecting as well.

If you view online dating as an adventure, and set out simply to have a good time and get to know some new women without viewing every woman you meet online as a potential date or future relationship then chances are your Online dating experience will be fun and successful whether or not you meet Ms. Right.

Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore

The Intelligent Distance Golf Training System



Playing golf can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to play it well. Don’t worry because The Intelligent Distance Golf Training System is here to guide every player. IDGT40 Review will give you details about this system. Some may not believe about it, others may be asking if Intelligent Distance Golf Training Scam? or how Does Intelligent Distance Golf Training Work? also if Is Intelligent Distance Golf Training Legit? Some will doubt if Is Intelligent Distance Golf Training Worth it. Intelligent Distance Golf Training by Alex Fortey is the best training system specially for first timer. More of this only from Intelligent Distance Golf Training Review.

Thailand was a little late entering the golfing world but since the opening of its first golf course, it’s definitely made up for it. Bangkok alone has more than 50 courses within easy reach of the city, and even has a course that is right on Don Muang Airport, so you can tee up while the planes fly in! Many golfers are coming to Bangkok not only for the world class golf courses but also because the cost to golf is so much cheaper than in Western countries. Bangkok really is a golfer’s paradise. Here are some of the best courses and the features they offer, as well as golfing tips to make sure you have a great golfing experience.

Thai Country Club

This is owned and operated by the world class Peninsula Hotel, so you can guarantee it’s going to be fabulous. This superb 18 hole golf course has even been tested by professional golfers as the 1997 Asian Honda Classic won by Tiger Woods was held on it. The conditions on the course are immaculate, the service is amazing, and the sea breeze coming off the Gulf of Siam really cools things down. Their clubhouse restaurant is known for great food with a good choice of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. It’s located less than an hour south of Bangkok and offers a luxurious experience you’re not likely to get in most Western countries. One of the best golf courses and experiences in Thailand, this one is one not to be missed. Telephone them at 038-570-234-46.

Muang Kaew Golf Club

Only about 20 minutes from downtown Bangkok, Muang Kaew has wide fairways, scary bunkers and runoff areas that will kill your score in no time. It’s a semi-private golf club, which offers a golfers bar and restaurant that overlook the golf course. It also offers fabulous locker rooms, a fully stocked pro shop, two practice greens, golf carts, golf club and shoe rentals. They often offer promotions and special golf packages, so check often for what’s available. The course was designed by Lee Schmidt, who was voted one of the Hot Golf Architects by Golf Digest Magazine, so it’s stellar. It also recently had a complete facelift, so is one of Bangkok’s most popular fairways. Very busy on weekends, your best bet is a weekday tee off time. Contact them at 02-316-3918-21.

The Legacy Golf Club

The Legacy has the only Jack Nicklaus designed golf course in Bangkok. It’s built between two beautiful lakes and was designed for amateurs and professional golfers in mind. Lots of bunkers and water hazards make this a very challenging and exciting course. It’s around 40 minutes away from Bangkok, and is a favorite with locals and tourists alike. It is very crowded on weekends so, if possible, playing a round during the week is preferable. Course conditions are known to always be excellent and it has had very good reviews for the food and beverages in its large clubhouse. Phone 02-914-1930-60.

Lam Luk Ka Country Club

Lam Luk Ka has two courses – a 36-hole golf course that is considered one of the best in the area. Its back nine ends with a dramatic risk-reward Par 5 and is a favorite of golfers who really like a challenge. It also has a short course that centers around water, which makes many of the holes very challenging. One of the main attractions to this course is not only the world class golf, but also the fact that it is surrounded by nature and is home to wildlife and bird species not seen on other courses. Lam Luk Ka is further out of Bangkok than most golf courses, around an hour’s drive away but is well worth the extra time. It is also known as one of the best conditioned courses in Thailand. 02-995-2300-5 is their phone number.

Tips on Golfing in Bangkok

Most courses are open to the public but, even if not, the private ones can usually be played if you book through a golf tour operator.

Weekends are very busy at most golf courses, so play on weekdays if possible.

Tipping caddies in Thailand is compulsory. They don’t get paid a salary, so a $10 to $15 tip (350 to 500 baht) is expected.

Most courses have a one-player per cart policy.

Take it slow. The heat in Bangkok is horrendous, especially if you’re not used to it. A good day golfing will be ruined if you suddenly keel over of heat exhaustion. Drink plenty of fluids, and stay in the shade where possible.

You can play in shorts, but every course in Thailand expects you to play in a collared shirt – no t shirts allowed.

Most Bangkok courses have a split tee time system on weekends to take care of the crowds. Usually between 6:30 am and 8:30 am, and then after 11am.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. Everything in Thailand is done with grace and a smile. Public exhibitions of yelling, screaming and shouting are frowned upon and will not help your situation. Take everything calmly and graciously and you’ll have a wonderful time. Thais are experts in hospitality, so your golfing experience in Bangkok should be bar to now.

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Are you into gaming? Do you wanna know if ESO Mastery Guides Worth It? Here’s a preview of how worthful it is, read the ESO Mastery Guides Review. Still can’t believe if ESO Mastery Guides Scam or Do ESO Mastery Guides Work? Is ESO Mastery Guides Legit? Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides will answer all the things that are bothering on your mind. Learn more about it through The Elder Scrolls online and be convinced!

One of the biggest deterring factors keeping people away from enjoying games on the PC are the way games are controlled. In a generation in which console games rule the market, people are used to have both of their hands on one controller with uniform buttons. Because of this, many gamers hesitate to play PC games because they require more coordination and skill as you need to control both the mouse and keyboard separately. Luckily, technology have brought PC and consoles closer together than ever before. In a gaming world where many games that are released on consoles are also released on the PC, having controllers made for PC games was inevitable. While there have been PC gamepads for years, adapters that would let you use your favorite console controller on your PC have been scarce and hard to find for the un-savvy shopper. Microsoft recently changed all of this when they released their Wireless Gaming Adapter for Windows. While a very good idea in theory, how well was it executed?

The Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows was released by Microsoft in hopes of coaxing gamers familiar with the Xbox 360 controller to PC gaming by allowing them to use the very same controller for new computer games. The Adapter itself is very small, slightly bigger than an Xbox 360 Controller battery pack. It connects to any computer via standard USB ports, making it very simple to attach to your favorite PC. Installing and getting the thing to work? That is another story.

Included in the package is standard driver software provided by Microsoft. The CD installs on your computer and tells you that it is ready to work with any 360 controller you may have. Instructions say that holding a white button on the Receiver and a Controller will sync them up to each other, preparing them to work on your PC. After trying to do this over 20 times, I easily saw that the devices were recognizing each other, but were unable to actually connect. Being frustrated, I went on over to the official Microsoft Support forums and saw, to my surprise, that thousands of people had acquired the same problems that I had. Even more disturbing is that Microsoft had released no official statement on how to fix the problem. Instead, their faithful consumers were left to solve the issues on their own.

Luckily, a few bright members of the Support Board had figured out a way to fix the problem, but even that would be frustrating. Apparently, in order to get the Wireless Gaming Receiver to work, you need to turn off your computer and proceed to unplug all of your USB devices. Turn the computer back on and plug in your USB devices again, making sure to plug in the Wireless Gaming Receiver first. Only after then will it work.

While this may seem to be just a minor inconvenience, for people not as accustom to computers as me and some others, this could be a deal breaker. Not everyone will know where to look for solutions to their problem, and not everyone will want to go through the cumbersome process of getting this small device to work properly. This does not include the fact that the Receiver might not work for other reasons, even after this procedure.

After solving its issues, I must say, the Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows works quite well, allowing me to use up to 4 Xbox 360 commercials on any PC game. But the fact that Microsoft offers absolutely NO SUPPORT for those that are having problems getting it to work in the first place makes me wary to recommend this product to everyone. I say if you really want to use your Xbox 360 controller on your PC, buy it, but be ready for a little frustration. If using a 360 controller isn’t that important to you, buy a Logitech PC Gamepad or something similar. You will save yourself a few bucks and a major headache.

The Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows is a good product when it actually works, but many people might not want to go through the procedure to actually make the thing functional.

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Ever wonder why they are called Betting Gods? Read the Betting Gods Review and learn what’s the reason behind it. Find out the answers to all the questions like Betting Gods Scam? Is Betting Gods Legit? What is Betting Gods Results? or How Does Betting Gods Work? All these and more only here.

Placing wagers on events has been around since the beginning of time. There is no greater thrill in the win, and no greater despair with the loss. In my previous life I had been involved with almost every aspect of it. Here are a few things I have learned over that time to help you whether you are a novice or a pro.

1) Playing the Ponies – Besides the pure beauty of it there is nothing like seeing that gate open. Every year in May when those 18-20 horses bolt out at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby is one of the greatest sounds on earth. It mimics the way I feel when they hit the start/finish line at the Daytona or Indianapolis 500.

Besides being one of the most beautiful sports, it is also one of the best in which to gamble. You must realize first that the cards are stacked against you. After you take out the track take, and the breakage, (the rounding down of payoffs), you end up with much less than the original pool of money to fight over. It’s sort of like when the dealer of five card stud in Vegas pulls money out of the pot and sticks it in his till. These lower payoffs make it that much more important to play the bets properly.

If you are going to the track for a fun day and aren’t necessarily trying to make a killing place small bets. The old axiom “play the favorite to show” will still produce some profits, albeit small. Betting to win on the favorite would be a better choice, although you will only hit that bet one out of three times on average.

The bet I most like, being somewhat of a maverick, is to key one horse with the field for a trifecta. What you are basically doing is picking one horse to win, and if he does you win the trifecta. Even playing this as a $1 bet it can get somewhat expensive. In a 10 horse race it will cost you $72. The payoff comes when you hit your horse and a long shot finishes in the money. I have seen commonly $2500 winners on this.

2) Playing the ballgames – There is an old saying, “Monday Night Football is the bookies best friend”. No truer a statement was ever made. Gamblers who were up big on the weekend would give back all their profits by making one big bet on Monday night. So in essence you could have hit 9/10 over the weekend and still broke even after losing Monday nights game. If you are reading this article, you’ve probably done it. Right?

Baseball – Pick a pitcher and play him all season. If you can determine which pitchers are primed for a good year, this is without a doubt the best way to play the odds in baseball. Don’t be schmuck and try to play game to game.

Football – This was always my choice for sports gambling. In the 25 years I played football I ran across a couple of things that over the years seemed to remain constant. When playing college football I noticed that with spreads of over 14 points, the home team covered a much larger percentage of the time. It doesn’t matter if the home team was the favorite, or the dog. Check it our for yourself. On the pro side, I always like the big spreads with a low over/under. I would play the dog and the over but as separate bets. I figured if the dog got smoked the over would probably be covered and I’d only be out the vigorish. Seemed to work pretty well.

Basketball – For some reason I never really took a liking to betting pro basketball, but I did enjoy the college game. Once again, pick two or three teams you think will outperform the analysts expectations and play them all year. It takes the bookmakers time to catch up that their spreads are off.

3) Rounders – If you are not a good card player, don’t play cards. It’s that simple. I was playing poker on my grandfathers farm with the grown ups since the age of 6. I progressed to larger games in my teens then onto the casinos thereafter. There are three things in this world you should never gamble on if you play poorly. Poker, golf, and pool. The three easiest things to get hustled on.

4) Casinos – The first time I went to Vegas was in the mid-eighties with my father. He took me there for my 21st birthday. I had worked as a painter all summer in the hot sun and gave my pay away to the casinos in 3 days. Now that the casinos are basically everywhere you don’t have to fly 1000 miles to lose your money. Here are a few games and tips.

Caribbean Stud – My favorite game. I have hit more big payoffs in the game then any other. Two rules. Don’t bluff, and don’t waste your dollar by throwing it in the jackpot hole. The odds of getting dealt anything of value is minimal. Those dollars add up faster than you think.

Roulette – 5.26% to the house regardless of what number(s) you play. Enough said. Stick to Keno.

21 - Playing proper Blackjack will net you probably the lowest odds for the house. You can trim their edge down to about 1%. If you have less than 3 decks in the shoe and have a simple understanding of how to count cards you can gain an even edge. If you want to play, learn the proper way first. One bit of caution. If you are playing third base, (position to the right of the dealer), do not hit on a break hand if the dealer has one also. I have seen drinks thrown in the face of such players.

This is by no means a complete list of gambling choices. There are many other ways to lose your money if that is what you are looking to do. One more thing I want to leave you with. Do you know why Las Vegas gives our free drinks to their guests? I’ll bet you can guess. Drinking and gambling need to be avoided at all costs. Pour yourself a nice glass of milk at the table then celebrate your wins with cold beverage later in the day. Best of luck.

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Best Scalper Forex Robot



Have you ever heard of the Best Scalper Forex Robot? Learn about how good it is by reading the Best Scalper Forex Robot Review.This will also prove that Best Scalper Forex Robot Scam is not true at all. It will also give you preview on how Does Best Scalper Forex Robot Work. It will definitely answer your question about Is Best Scalper Forex Robot Legit? Not yet convinced? Go visit their website bestscalper.com and find out why it is called the Best Scalper EA.

Buying, selling and dealing with another country’s money, stocks and shares is what is known as Forex. While a person is thus trading in foreign exchange, the other country’s currency is evaluated against his country’s to decide its worth. Generally, a country has a set of rules by which transactions in another country’s currency is managed. The governments of the countries itself, business organizations, banks and other financial establishments are the institutions that generally carry out Forex trading.

How does Forex market differ from stock market?

Unlike the stock market, the activities of which are restricted to one country, a Forex transaction involves two or more countries. It is conducted internationally. Of the two participant countries, one country invests the money and the other country becomes the repository for that money. The Forex dealings are by and large conducted through mediums such as banks.

What constitutes the Forex market?

The Forex market has within its ambit, many countries and several types of operations. This market is voluminous as substantial amount of money is traded here. The people who operate in this market may deal directly with cash or may buy or sell liquid assets that move quite fast in the international market.

Since several countries are involved in it, the range and capacity of the Forex market is much higher than a country’s stock market. Trading goes on in this international marketplace round the clock. There are occasions when transactions close by the end of the week but it is not always necessarily so. The business often goes on during weekends also.

An astonishingly large number of people participate in Forex transactions. It was estimated that a staggering amount of two trillion dollars was traded on an average per day in the year 2004. This is indeed an exceptionally large amount of money. So the amount of money that is traded in this market each year is surely a mind boggling sum.

Trading in Forex is not a financial transaction that is entirely new. It has been going on for more than thirty years. But the advent of computers, especially that of the internet, has immensely boosted this market. The facility of online transaction has made Forex trading very easy.

The medium of internet has also spread the information of the existence of this trade market and familiarized people with its intricacies. As of now, Forex constitutes only about 10% of international trading. But its increasing appeal ensures us that it is a field that stands poised for fast growth.

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