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Strengthen and Swim from the Core: Plank Variations

While the plank in its most simple form is a fine core strengthening exercise, time will come when you’ll want to try variations on this fundamentally effective drill.

Variations are espcially helpful for swimmers. For one, after several months of plank exercises, your core muscles will adapt. Your muscle fibers will become accustomed to the drill, and you’ll experience diminishing returns.

The variation described here, where you turn the plank on its side so that your chest faces the wall rather than the floor, strengthens the core from different angles than the standard face-down plank.

Boston, Massachusetts-area personal trainer Mike Harb demonstrates. (Note that despite ACL surgery to his right knee (note knee brace), the variations tests Mike’s core, not his knees.)

Should you try the variation, you’ll find that the hand on the hip position is more challenging than arm-raised position. The former tests your balance more thoroughly. Also note that the variation can be done by using either the forearm or palm for support.

Here are a few elements to remember.

Don’t let your hips droop. Otherwise you don’t require that your core stabilize your body.

Ceate a straight line between your ankles and armpits by powering your obliques

Stack one foot on top of the other to make the drill more challenging. Splaying your feet allows you to balance more with your feet, less with your core.

If you want to add dynamic range and motion to the plank, sweep your raised hand down, then thread it between your supporting arm and the floor.

The rotation will add coordination and flexibility demands to the move: Once you’ve threaded your arm and hand, open back up to the start position. Repeat as many times as comfort allows, then switch sides.

And you’re a sea kayaker interested in learning how to incorporate these core strength drills into an efficient paddle stroke that uses torso rotation, see the content-rich blog Sea Kayaking Dot Net.

2 X 4: Maximal Strength Training Program

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Arm Up System is a software to help you to become the ultimate survivalist. Arm Up System By Frank Mitchell is design to prepare you and you’re family in surviving difficult situations. Are you wondering if Arm Up System Scam, or Is The Arm Up System Legit, and how Does The Arm Up System Work. This will be answer and now is the chance to get an Arm Up System Download and Arm Up System Pdf.

Ten Survival Tips For Forced Retirement

“Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out”

As many well know, the days when an individual worked for a company for 20 years and took a well deserved retirement-as reward for years of service-are gone with the wind. In today’s economic climate, nothing is for certain and loyal employees are only valued by employers, until the bottom line needs a push into the green. It is, after all, the company’s objective to make money and the investor’s objective to make a return on their investment. The company won’t call it forced retirement, but you may.

So why are you getting the boot? The single most immediate way a company can impact its bottom line is by reducing payroll. How does the company decide who stays and who goes? They look at revenue generation-is the employee making money for the company? But this in itself may not save your job. The company looks at salaries. If you have been with the company for a number of years, you may be making much more than the starting pay for the position. Can they hire someone less experienced for less money? The answer is probably yes. They won’t have the experience and the work could suffer for a time. It certainly won’t be done as efficiently as you would do it, but, hey, American companies are notoriously short sited. Today’s objective is the only objective. Tomorrow? Well, there will always be another objective.

Companies will never admit it and their HR departments will vehemently deny that age is a factor in terminations, but it can play a clandestine part in the decision making process. Years of service and age are directly related. While there are all types of equal opportunity laws against age discrimination, it still exists and it can and is used as a criterion, when selecting who to eliminate. Proving age discrimination is difficult, because companies have become very good at using the “right words” and cautioning executives about how they phrase explanations. If you live in an “at will” employment state, such as Georgia, you are even more challenged to prove any type of bias by the employer. Georgia laws favor employers. Why does age matter? One of the biggest reasons-beyond that of salary-is the impact on health insurance costs. Insurers use age statistics, based on the company’s employee pool, to set premiums. It is another impact on the bottom line.

So now that you know why you are headed for forced retirement-no matter what reason they gave you-let’s discuss your next steps. If you are ready for retirement, good for you-you lucky dog. If forced retirement was not on your agenda, read on. If you are lucky enough to be given some notice, before the termination goes into affect, you have some time to plan and get started on finding another job. If not, you may be in for a few weeks of uncertainty, but don’t panic-yet.

Survival Tips For Forced Retirement

  1. Get a copy of the termination notice from your employer, stating that you are being “laid off,” or being let go due to lack of work. If you don’t walk out the door with this document, you may have some difficulty getting a copy once you are gone. It won’t be anyone’s priority-except yours. Why do you need it? The Unemployment Office will insist on it.
  2. Be sure you understand your terms of separation. Will you get a severance package? How long will your health and/or life insurance continue? What is the status of money you may have paid into a pretax medical or childcare fund? What about your retirement fund or 401K? It is easy to forget to ask these questions, when your focus is on “where do I go from here?” Remember, once you are gone, other employees feel under little or no pressure to assist you with information or requests, so get the info while you still have some leverage.
  3. If you have health insurance with the company, you will receive a COBRA benefits continuation notice after your termination. After you read it and pick yourself up off the floor, because you fainted when you saw how much it was going to cost per month, go shopping for health insurance with local companies. Try to find a group that you can join, such as AARP or the local chapter of the builder’s association, where you can leverage group discounts. Hopefully, this will be a temporary transitional situation, until you find another employer who offers health insurance. Read the article Understanding COBRA here at Associated Content. If you are taking prescription medication, talk with your doctor or the drug manufacturer to see if you qualify for discounted or free prescriptions due to your forced retirement.
  4. Immediately go to your local unemployment office and apply for unemployment insurance. Don’t be shy about this. The employer must pay into the unemployment benefit fund. If you qualify for it, you have a right to apply for it. There is a qualification process that must be conducted, so that you can be approved for unemployment benefits. This takes time and, if you are out of a job, every day you aren’t getting money from somewhere can put your credit and your wellbeing at risk. If you find a job, you can cancel your benefits with a phone call or online. Don’t sit around hoping you will find a job soon. Apply for your benefits the day of your separation.
  5. While at the unemployment office, look at existing job offerings and ask about any retraining programs they have, for which you may qualify. This is free training for work outside of your existing field.
  6. If you are 62 or older, go to the Social Security website and use the online calculators to determine what your benefits would be, if you were to take retirement early. Depending on your situation, this may be a necessary option. However, run the calculator for several different scenarios-if you retire today, in six months, in a year. The benefits will be different (more) the longer you can wait. Remember that while you are looking for a job, you can (once qualified) collect unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, so you won’t be penniless and that 26 week extension to retirement can mean extra dollars per month in Social Security benefits.
  7. Do you have a 401K or other retirement savings plan with the company? If you are 57 ½ you may be able to draw from this fund as a financial resource. However, you should know and understand the conditions under which you can take the money and how it will be taxed. You can speak directly with the plan administrator, but I strongly recommend a conversation with your accountant or tax advisor as well. Remember that the plan administrator works for the plan, not for you.
  8. Review your expenses and look for places to cut back. If you are going to be tight on money, you must face the reality of this limitation and look for viable ways to minimize expenditures.
  9. If you are going to miss payments of any kind and you are not planning to leverage your credit accounts for day to day expenses, contact the lender or credit card company and make them aware of your situation. Request a temporary rate reduction or forbearance (suspension of payments) or deferment (delayed payments) for a limited time. Do you have “out of work insurance” on your credit cards? Invoke it.
  10. If you are 55 or older, check out AARP. If you are not already a member, you may want to consider it for the discounts and the newsletter. AARP is still a very powerful lobby group and they are associated with a wide range of companies that provide services such as insurance.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get depressed. Now more than ever-because you may be without insurance-you cannot afford to get sick. Get rest, eat properly, walk and stay active. Stay in touch with friends and family and don’t be afraid to let people know you have great skills and you are looking for a new place to display them. While you are looking for work, try doing some volunteer stints. This may get you noticed and it will keep you engaged. Ever thought of being a substitute teacher?

Does The Arm Up System Work

Pick 6 Leak Review



Dreaming to win a million dollar from lottery. Here’s the good news, Pick 6 Leak is now available. Pick 6 Leak By Kevin Bailey is the answer to all your problems. Get more ideas from Pick 6 Leak Review. Know more about if Pick 6 Leak Scam? or Is Pick 6 Leak Legit? and how Does Pick 6 Leak Work? You can also watch the Pick 6 Leak Results here. Grab your chance now and get a Pick 6 Leak Download or the Pick 6 Leak Pdf. Still not convinced? Here’s the Pick 6 Leak Proof.

Every day you clear your inbox of fraudulent emails and spam. In a new scam, people are now receiving BMW Lottery Promotion Emails, informing them that they have won a new BMW and several thousand dollars. Who wouldn’t want to believe it?

It is not true, but unfortunately, many people fall prey to these and other email scams all the time. The BMW email I received is posted below. I’ve added notes, indicating some things to look for in fraudulent emails. This is just one of many scams. Be cautious sharing your personal information on-line.


Hamerstraat 2-4 1021 JV Amsterdam Netherlands.

Dear Winner, (I’ve won a BMW and they don’t even know my name.)

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of 1 Million European Union Euro and a brand new BMW 5 Series Car from International programs held on the 19th of June. 2007 in Amsterdam Netherlands.(I’ve not been to the Netherlands in years. I have never entered a lottery there. )

Description of prize vehicle;

Year: 2006 ( A 2007 model would make more sense if this is a BMW promotion.)
Model: 530iA
Color (exterior/interior): Black Sapphire Metallic/Black Leather
Mileage: 5
Transmission: Automatic 6 Speed
Options: Cold weather package, premium package, fold down rear seats w/ski bag, am fm stereo with single in dash compact disc player.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system(s) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world which you were selected.(This sentence doesn’t make sense.)

The BMW Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This promotional lottery is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public. (An email from BMW customer relations confirms they have not approved the BMW lottery. Further, the Gaming Board of Great Britain has issued the following warning, “DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY OR PERSONAL DETAILS TO ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE OR ANYTHING ELSE IN A LOTTERY OR SWEEPSTAKE THAT YOU HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY ENTERED. SUCH CLAIMS ARE ALMOST CERTAINLY FRAUDS. ALWAYS CHECK FULLY ANY PERSON OR ORGANISATION BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING TO THEM.”)

To begin the processing of your prize, you are to contact our fiduciary claims department in U.K for more infomation as regards procedures to claim your prize.



7 DOCK WAY, SEFTON BUSINESS PARK (Google the address, you will find several cautions about this lottery fraud. )



EMAIL:compaymentcenter4_personal@yahoo.Email for confirmation of your secret pin code: x7pwyz2005 and your Reference Number: BMW:2551256003/23. (It isn’t wise to send pin codes or private numbers via public email accounts like hotmail and yahoo.)

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed informations as soon as possible: (This form doesn’t even look professional.)

1.Name in full.—————————————————————————





6.Telephone Nubmer.————————————————————— (Another misspelling.)

7.Present Country.——————————————————————–

8.Short comment on our products. [optional]. —————————-



10.Email address. ——————————————–


Please you are to provide him with the above listed details as soon as possible so he can begin with the processing of your prize winnings.

Congratulations again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program.( I am being thanked for being a part of something in which I never chose to participate.)

Mrs. Magret Swason ( [Magret]? Margret would be more believable.)

THE DIRECTOR OF PROMOTIONS ( Subtle give away, but most corporate positions do not include the word “The” in the title.)

BMW PROMO DEPARTMENT (Corporations giving away cars and thousands of dollars don’t abbreviate in official communication, i.e. “promo.”)

EUROPE. (Corporate addresses are usually complete.)

WEBSITE: www.bmw.nl


One would like to believe the general population knows better than to responded to such an email. The sad truth, however, is that people are getting ripped off every day.

Several clues that this letter was bogus appear in a number of fraudulent letters. Perhaps, this one can be a lesson for us all.

1. If you were fortunate enough to win a prize worth that much money, you would be notified via certified mail, not through an anonymous email account.

2. If I have deciphered the discombobulated third paragraph of the letter correctly, it is my understanding that they just picked emails out of a hat and randomly awarded prizes. Publisher’s Clearing House has made this point clear, “You can’t win if you don’t enter.” People do not randomly give away prizes, especially of this magnitude.

3. Misspelled words are very common in fraudulent emails. They often, not always, originate in countries where English is not the native tongue, making spelling and grammar mistakes common. I received a letter one time that had six misspelled words and the “company officer’s” who sent the letter did not even capitalize their names.

4. Any anonymous email that asks for your personal information should be suspect. These crooks didn’t ask for a social security number or bank information, but they would have eventually, or they may have sent a money order to deposit directly in my account, in exchange for a service fee. A common fraud scheme is to send out money orders as prizes, in exchange for a service or processing fee. The service fee is long gone, before the bank and the overdrawn customer are notified that the money order is bogus.

You may think the bank should catch every counterfeit money order that comes through their doors. As a former financial crimes investigator, I will tell you there are sophisticated criminal operations that can make money orders or cash look real, regardless of security features. Every watermark, or color thread, that is put in place to identify counterfeits can be duplicated by high dollar fraud factories.

Bank and retail employees are trained to identify fraud, but you need to be aware of who you are dealing with and the extent to which the potential for fraud exists. Your processing fee will likely be gone before you even get to the bank. Guard your personal information.

5. Notice if information in the email seems insufficient. Check it out with the company’s website, by obtaining it from a source outside of the email. Check out the information and the story.

Some think that only a real dummy would fall for this. Not really. Predators prey on people’s needs and emotions. Money is both a real and perceived need. People want to believe that they have really won. In desperation, they respond. In the end, their latter troubles outweigh their former need for quick money.

BMW customer service advised me via email that there are several fraudulent emails currently being circulated which “purport to be from BMW. These e-mails advise the recipient that he or she has won money or a BMW car and requests the recipient to provide personal data or to pay a fee in order to receive the prize. “

BMW further stated, “We would like to confirm that these e-mails are NOT authentic. The e-mails have NOT been sent by BMW, nor has BMW authorized the use of its name. Please be advised not to provide any personal information or transfer money to the perpetrators. Any personal information provided to the perpetrators will likely be used for illegal purposes. “

Most emails of this nature are fraudulent. Think twice before you get swept away by the idea that you are getting something for nothing. Protect yourself and your personal information.

“Gaming Board Warns of Fraudulent Lotteries and Sweepstakes, 2/08/2004.” http://www.gamcare.org.uk/shownews.php/000100.html

“Lucky,” Personal email From: BMW LOTTERY PROMOTION bmwoffer463109@hotmail.com, Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 7:53 PM.

“Re: General Contact Form – Anfrange von Lenora Murdock,” Personal email From: BMW Group Customer Service bmwgroup.customerservice@bmwgroup.com , Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 12:49 PM.

Pick 6 Leak Pdf

Does The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Work



The Elder Scrolls Online Guide will give you the tips and strategies on how to win in a game.The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Review will give you easy steps on how to win this game. Wonderin’ if The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Scam? or Is The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Legit? and how Does The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Work? All these will be discussed here plus you can also get The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Pdf. The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Download now, it’s easy and fast!

Many parents of preschoolers don’t introduce their children to educational online games and activities. Parents often assume a preschool age child won’t be able to grasp the concept of using a mouse let alone understand the basics of participation in an educational online activity. Some parents are afraid their preschool age child will harm the computer or cause permanent damage to the hard drive. I used to be one of those parents.

So Many Toys and Nothing to Do

Although my three-year-old little girl has a room full of toys, as most kids do, and a cabinet full of videos and DVD movies, she was extremely bored one afternoon. I happened to be on the internet and had the bright idea to find an educational online activity to satisfy her boredom so I could get something accomplished around the house.

From that day on, my three-year-old little girl has been a wiz at using the computer. I was literally blown away at how fast my three-year-old learned to use Internet Explorer and find her favorite educational games amongst a long list of favorite websites. I still can’t believe how proficient my preschool age child has become at navigating her favorite educational websites for kids.

I’m not saying my child is any more intelligent than the average child, but I now realize that kids often don’t reach their full potential because many kids aren’t allowed to try new activities such as using a computer. Many parents don’t give a preschooler enough credit, and more than likely, many parents have no idea what their child is truly capable of.

The Importance of Early Introduction to Computers

As technology advances, it becomes increasingly important to introduce children to computers at an early age. Helping a preschool age child learn the basics of computer use, and allowing preschoolers to explore educational websites will build their dexterity, intelligence, and their desire to learn.

I have observed my preschooler playing educational games and enjoying her favorite websites, and I have participated in many of the games and activities myself. They are ingenious to say the least. I had no idea there were so many free high-quality educational games and activities for preschool age children. I am amazed at the complexity and educational value of what I’ve found.

Free Games and Activities for Preschool Children�


One of the best websites that offer numerous free educational games for kids is Noggin. At http://www.noggin.com you will find all of your child’s favorite Noggin characters along with a large list of free educational games and activities. These aren’t ordinary online games either. They are absolutely amazing. I even have fun playing the games with my preschooler.

One of the many free activities for preschoolers at Noggin is called “Scribble Vision.” Kids use their computer mouse to color characters that are the subjects of short cartoon clips. Once the characters are colored, the characters become part of exceptionally cute and entertaining animated scenes.

For instance, preschoolers can color two gingerbread people. Once colored, the gingerbread people become part of the well-known skit where the gingerbread characters jump off the baking pan and run away. After they are colored, the gingerbread characters enter into the scene exactly as the child colored them, even with mistakes, which actually adds to the appeal of this ingenious preschool activity. The expression on the other cartoon characters faces as the gingerbread people run away doing cartwheels is truly priceless.

Noggin also offers free educational Sesame Street games and activities. One of these free educational games is called “oatmeal art.” This creative activity allows a child to click on various ingredients to create an artistically designed bowl of oatmeal. The child can change the bowl color, add different sized blobs of oatmeal to the bowl, slices of apples, raisins, colored marshmallows and much more. It’s a truly fun and originative preschool activity.

The Sesame Street section at Noggin also has a fun game color matching sock game. For every match, the child is congratulated, and another missing pair of socks moves along an animated clothesline. Each time the child clicks on the correct sock to make a pair, the game advances until all the pairs are appropriately matched. What a wonderful way to learn color matching.

Does your preschool age child like the character Oobi? This loveable character is a “hand puppet” in every sense of the word. Oobi and his friends consist of human hands with a pair of eyeballs perched on top. The hands open and close as the characters speak. They wear adorable hats, clothing, and accessories. Preschool age children absolutely love Oobi and friends.

The Noggin website has several free Oobi games that preschool children adore. One of these free games allows children to guide Oobi to plant virtual flowers seeds in virtual flower pots. Once watered, the virtual seeds sprout into beautiful flowers. It’s a wonderful free game to teach preschool age children about cause and effect. The beautiful flowers are fantastic rewards for a job well done.

Another free Oobi preschool activity allows children to play with virtual soap bubbles. Children can put soap bubbles all over Oobi to make a funny face with a bubble beard and mustache, a bubble hat, or whatever they want. It’s a very entertaining online activity for preschool age children. Adults can have fun with this activity too!

These are only a few of the free games offered at the Noggin website. The number of preschool games offered at Noggin are increasing all the time. There are always free, fun, new, and exciting activities for preschoolers at Noggin.


Another great website with free activities for preschool age kids is http://www.disney.go.com. Here there are many free educational games and activities for preschool age children in the Playhouse Disney section of the website.

Preschool age children love babies, and one of my daughter’s favorite educational activities at the Disney website is called “Go Baby.” An animated realistic baby dances, laughs, and participates in the fun. In one scenario, children are asked to help the baby choose something found on a beach. When the child clicks on the right item, they are congratulated, and the adorable animated baby interacts with the game.

There are also many other free preschool activities in the Playhouse section of the Disney website. There are lots of educational musical activities as well as online coloring and drawing pages. Preschoolers certainly won’t get bored on the Disney Playhouse website.


Remember the fun of playing with an Etch-a-Sketch? Kids of all ages, as well as preschool age children, can make artistic creations with a virtual Etch-a-Sketch. At http://www.etchasketch.com kids can play with a very realistic Etch-a-Sketch toy. After a virtual shake the screen is cleared and ready for a new picture.


When I first found the games at the Barbie website, I assumed they were too old for my preschool age child, but there are several games and activities my three-year-old absolutely loves, and she has become quite good at them.

At http://barbie.everythinggirl.com kids can virtually groom cats and dogs, change accessories, and use their imaginations. My little girl loves grooming and dressing the virtual cats and dogs, and she is very good at it. She knows just what to click on to artfully groom the online pets.

The Barbie website also has a virtual Barbie cake maker where kids can have fun decorating cakes, participate in a fun and exciting shoe hunt, and much more. Explore the games and activities on the Barbie website, and find the games appropriate for your preschool age child.

My three-year-old little girl loves playing with baby Krissy on the Barbie website. Children can virtually babysit for this adorable baby, and I must admit the activity is loads of fun. I would have loved an activity like this when I was a child. The activity is perfect for preschool age kids, and although Barbie is more often aimed at boys than girls, even a preschool age boy would find the activity amusing.

Baby Krissy is so cute with her big blue eyes, rosy cheeks, adorable smile, and precious little laugh. Kids will notice that baby Krissy’s eyes follow the computer pointer. The technology used for this activity is simply amazing!

Kids can help bathe baby Krissy. As baby Krissy sits in her bathtub, and kids are prompted to help baby Krissy with her bath. The bathtub fills when the spout is clicked on. When clicking on the shampoo, it magically pours and foams on baby Krissy’s head. The site is completely interactive, and it’s fun to see what happens when graphics are clicked on. Kids can move onto the next scene at any time.

Another scene with baby Krissy allows kids to virtually feed the baby as she sits in her high chair. Clicking on the bottle moves it over to her mouth, as does clicking on her bowl of baby food. Clicking on the wash cloth magically cleans baby Krissy’s face.
Another scene with baby Krissy is in a grocery store. Baby Krissy rides in a cart past an aisle of grocery items. Kids can fill the cart by clicking on specific items. The items chosen dance and bounce along the floor before they magically jump into the cart. The sound effects are very entertaining too. At the end of the aisle stands the cashier who rings up the groceries.

There is much more to do with baby Krissy, and even more for preschool age kids to do at the Barbie website. My little girl has explored the site and found lots of entertaining and educational activities to keep her busy when her toys are no longer interesting.

Sharing the Internet

When my preschool age little girl first started learning to use the computer and became interested in online games, it was very hard to convince her to do anything else. I was worried that I had created a monster and had made a mistake by letting my daughter play games and participate in online activities. There were times I needed to use the internet, and there were times I realized she had been on entirely too long. It was often a fight to get her interested in other things, but like any new toy, the initial interest or rather, obsessions, finally wore off. Now she wants to play online games and participate in educational online activities on occasion, rather than all the time.

If you allow your child to explore preschool websites and have a hard time getting them to do anything else, trust me, the newness and eagerness to get online will subside. The educational value of the many sites geared toward preschool age children will continue to be of benefit to your child. Computer usage at an early age will spark an educational interest that will remain all through life.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide Pdf

2 X 4 By Bret Contreras



Introducing the best strength muscle training is here the 2 X 4 By Bret Contreras. 2 X 4: Maximal Strength Training Program is here to help you achieve the body that you’ve been wanting to have ever since. Read the 2 X 4 Review and learn how others have changed through this training. 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Review will give you a preview of the best result one can change. Do you wanna know if 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Scam? or how Does 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Work? Is 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Legit? All these will be answered here plus see the 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Results. 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Workout is definitely for you. 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Download is now available online or you can get the 2 X 4 Maximum Strength Pdf here.

As we age, most people begin to lose muscle mass after the age of thirty and bone density after the age of forty. Some of this loss occurs because of the natural processes of aging. The losses in muscle mass and bone density can be slowed and even turned around by implementing a strength training program.

Consequences of losing muscle mass

Sedentary individuals can begin to lose muscle mass as early as their mid-twenties. Human beings can lose up to 1-2 percent of muscle mass per year, eventually losing as much as 50 % of muscle mass in the course of a lifetime. The effects of losing muscle mass include a decrease in strength, greater susceptibility to injury, and in increase in body fat.

Less strength due to loss of muscle mass makes it more difficult to do athletic movements, and eventually can even hamper the ability to do everyday tasks. The loss of strength and flexibility in the muscles associated with aging, leads to greater possibility of injury.

A lesser known side effect of loss of muscle mass is decrease in metabolism. Muscles burn calories. The less muscle mass you have, the less calories you can burn. It is very important to maintain muscle mass in order avoid gaining weight as you age.

Consequences of losing bone density

Bone density peaks between the ages of 25 and 35. Eventually as we age our bones shrink and become less dense. The loss of bone density causes an increased risk of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis makes the bones more susceptible to breaking. Shrinking of the bones can also cause people to become shorter as they age. With the decrease in height many people may also experience a deterioration of posture.

The benefits of strength training

Strength training slows down the aging process. Strength training includes any weight bearing activity, but is most generally associated with weight lifting, and bodyweight exercises. Strength training can help you stave off and even reverse the loss of muscle mass and bone density due to aging.

Strength training that is done properly will improve strength levels, increase metabolism, decrease injury, and improve body image. Bone density and posture can also improve with strength training. The increase in muscle mass and bone density from strength training will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enable you to keep doing the things that you love long into the future.

2 X 4 Maximum Strength Review

Make Money Taking Surveys

If you want to learn more about mysurvey, you can visit Mysurvey Review for more information.


It has been a long journey, but I think I have reached a peak in quickly identifying survey sites worth spending my time on.

My favorites are the ones that send checks or deposit money directly into my PayPal account. The website has to make it easy to get the money, and not make me jump through almost impossible hoops. After all, didn’t I earn the money already by taking the surveys and giving my valuable time, so the owners of the sites could get paid (very well I’m sure) by companies that need my opinion to make informed decisions?

They also have to not make it impossible to get a survey that I “qualify” for. Too many websites waste your time by allowing you to be “pre-screened” with dozens of questions, ones that you already have answered many times before, or that require a lot of reading to answer properly, only to tell you that you do not qualify. Even worse is to have this happen over and over and rarely being able to complete a “real” survey. It’s also insulting to answer lengthy pre-screenings only to be told the survey is full.

According to my criteria, Survey Spot is the top in the list. It is not to say I haven’t made more on other sites, either in money or in things that translate into something valuable to me, but this one pays straight to PayPal, it is easy to request and I actually receive the funds I have earned.

I will say this: don’t rush survey questions. Give thoughtful answers. I believe these better clearinghouses for surveys do, in some way, keep track of how mindful you are of answers. It is not to say that you should answer in an unnatural way, just be mindful and honest and you will be fine.

As for Survey Spot, make sure you check your email every day; several times a day if you can. The good surveys always fill up fast, sometimes within a few hours. I am sure that Survey Spot figures out certain things about you and over time sends you invitations to surveys that you are more likely to qualify for. Also, if you are a mindful survey taker, in time you will get more valuable survey opportunities.

You may also get free stuff to try. I’m still waiting to get something big like a vacuum or a car, but you never know! I’ve gotten everything from cereal to fruit snacks. None were out on the market yet. Make sure you answer the follow up questions on anything you receive. A lot of times there is a week or so window to answer the questions, so don’t mess around. They may opt not to send you anymore products to review if you don’t give them feedback.

Every time you at least try to complete a survey they give you a chance to win in their sweepstakes. They give away nice chunks of money every year, several times a year, as well as gas cards, mp3 players and other various prizes. That’s a nice bonus, but I’ll gladly take surveys for cash.

I receive funds or items of value for completion of surveys. My opinion of this service is my own.



New York Personal Injury Attorneys

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In order to know about personal injuries claims it is important to know about the legality of the claim and the ways in which the compensation is paid to the injured party. Usually if one is looking for types of personal injury compensation claims, the bodily injuries are caused due to negligence of other party are included into personal injury. If the person is a victim of minor claims, in that case the victim is not eligible for personal injury claims.

There are a variety of different types of compensation for an injury claim. A personal injury lawyer should be able to determine how much and the kind of compensation a victim of a personal injury should be able to obtain during a case. The kind of personal injury cases include wrongful death, medical malpractice, spine, broken bones, gun shot wounds and such. The type of compensation a victim is meant for depends on the severity of the accident.

There are many different types of personal injuries one can apply for and most of them are listed below:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Brain Injury Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Head injury
  • Wrongful Death and so on

Compensation for Incurred Expenses:

  • Sorrow, mental anguish and loss of companionship.
  • The expected loss of income of the person who was injured or died.
  • Loss of victims future earnings until the time of the retirement.
  • General damages.
  • Loss of inheritance caused by the untimely death of the victim.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of medical benefits, pensions and 401(k) as a result of injury or death.
  • The next step the person or the lawyer needs to do is file for claims in a lawsuit.
  • Then the plaintiffs attorney has to prove the guilt of the defendant and that the amount of compensation being asked for the injury is valid.

In certain cases, the victim is awarded the right to collect interest on the compensation awarded by the judge until the defendant pays it in full.

The amount does not help bring back the deceased or does not better the injury but it is a source of solace to the grieving family and their close ones. However the system of paying interest until the whole amount can be collected is a pretty effective one because the defendant would not like to keep paying money as the days go by.

Oakland personal injury attorney
Law Offices of Edward C. Casey


new york injury lawyer

Mortgage Lender

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During the course of my 15 year career in Mortgage Banking, several years were held in the position of Closing Officer for the mortgage lender. While most prospective mortgagors only focused their attention on the prevailing rates of interest when they made the decision to purchase a home, home buyers should be aware that there are many other fees associated with getting a mortgage loan. Before making the set decision as to how much house can be afforded, the home buyer should have an understanding of some of the other expenses involved. They include but are not limited to:

* Down Payment
* Prepaid Interest
* Homeowner’s Insurance
* Title Insurance
* Escrow Requirements

Down Payment
Before a lender will consider making a mortgage to a home buyer, it will usually demand that the prospective mortgagor make the initial investment in the property by means of a down payment. In most cases, the amount of the down payment runs anywhere from 5% to 20% of the purchase price of the home. This amount can vary, depending on factors such as the cost of the home, the applicant’s credit worthiness, the loan program under which the applicant is being considered and whether or not the borrower qualifies for a down payment assistance program.

Prepaid Interest
On the day of closing, the mortgagor will be required to pay a certain amount of prepaid interest. This is the amount of interest that will accrue on the mortgage between the day of closing and the day the first monthly mortgage payment becomes due. By means of prepaying interest, the mortgagor may be able to have a little flexibility over when the due date of the mortgage payments will occur. In some cases, the amount of prepaid interest can be included in the total amount financed, so the amount will not have to be paid at closing.

As a word of caution, although it may make sense to postpone a first payment and the due date of the subsequent monthly mortgage payments to make sure the due date of the payments coincides conveniently with the monthly income schedule, there is no benefit achieved in postponing the first payment if there is no good reason. Postponing the payment without reason only increases the amount of prepaid interest that will be due at the time of closing, increasing the out-of-pocket closing costs.

Homeowner’s Insurance
When there is a mortgage involved in the purchase of a home, it is common and customary that the homeowner obtain homeowner’s insurance and pay the first year’s premium in advance. This usually takes place at the closing table. Mortgage Lenders will not allow the final closing of the real estate sale to take place without assurance that the homeowner’s insurance coverage is in effect as soon as the mortgagee takes title to the property.

Title Insurance
At the time of closing, it is critical that the legal right to transfer title to the property is held by the seller and that is verified by means of a title search. While the seller normally pays for the title research, since they must verify that they own the property and have a legal right to transfer title, the mortgagor is typically responsible for funding the title insurance policies that accompany the research. The title insurance policies, one for the mortgagor and one for the lender, protects the mortgagor from prior claims to the title that could potentially surface once the title transfer has taken place.

Escrow Requirements
In many cases, the lender will take on the responsibility of paying property taxes when they are due and also paying the homeowner’s insurance premiums. The lender performs this servicing of the loan to protect its interest: making sure the home is properly insured and stays clear of any possible tax liens. In order to do this, the lender will require that a certain amount of money be deposited into an escrow account. At time of closing, usually up to 3 months of escrow deposits are required. Then the equivalent of 1 month’s homeowner’s insurance premium and 1 month’s taxes are added to the monthly mortgage payment.

Other Closing Costs Involved
In addition to the foregoing, the home buyer should consider other costs that may be due and payable at time of closing, if not paid in advance. Documents must be recorded. There are fees for property appraisal, survey and pest inspection. There are fees associated with the legal aspects of home purchase and other real estate services that are usually a part of the closing costs, but may be paid for by either the buyer or the seller, depending on the agreement made in the sales contract.


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There are a few good law practices in the Eaton, Ohio area. I will list a few that my family and friends have used and have had good luck with them. Some are hard to find if you’re not from the area.

For auto accidents that lead to wrongful death, or injuries, or even motorcycle accidents, then Geisenfeld Law Offices LLC is the best in the area. Their office has been in the community for twenty-five years. They are located at 132 N. Barron St in Eaton, Ohio.

For criminal defense lawyers, there are a few in the area that people like to use; one of the best is K. Brent Copeland Law Office, located at 115 W. Main St in Eaton. He handles probate matters and criminal law. He was a former Preble County assistant prosecuting attorney. I have had a few friends use him and always had good luck. He knows how the courts run here in Preble County.

The Thomas Law Office has a good reputation in the community. They have a combine legal experience of forty-three years. They do criminal defense and civil matters, like wills, divorce, custody, and child support. They are located at 112 N. Barron St. in Eaton, Ohio.

Now Hubler Charles D. CO LPA is good for probate, estate planning, and living trusts, because that’s all they specialize in. My grandparents used them to help set up their wills. They are located at 201 S. Barron St in Eaton.

Ross A L Attorney is one that most people use around the area. My brother has used him throughout the years. He deals with a lot, like divorce, wills, personal injury, and criminal law. He is located at 1614 E. US 35 Eaton, Ohio.

There are other law offices in the area, but these are the best. They may not be the cheapest around, but they are worth the money if you want good results.


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personal injury lawyer philadelphia

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If you have been injured in an accident, your choice of personal injury lawyer is paramount. Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal, and a bad choice of injury lawyer could cost you thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars or more, depending on how serious your injury is. Here are some tips on how to choose a personal injury lawyer.

Firstly, you will want a personal injury lawyer who is willing to accept your case on a contingency fee basis and advance all of the expenses involved in your case up front. These expenses include all court filing fees, deposition costs, expenses for medical records, and fees for expert reports and testimony. Depending on the seriousness of your injury, these costs can range from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars or more. A personal injury lawyer who refuses to make such an investment in your case is not worthy of handling your case. If he cannot afford it, he may not be a very good lawyer. If he feels it is too much of a risk, then he doesn’t believe enough in your case, and you need to find a lawyer who does.

A contingent fee essentially means your lawyer does not get paid unless and until you receive money, either through a settlement or a verdict after trial. This is customary in personal injury law. But pay careful attention to the retainer agreement. Watch out for hidden fees and costs. A typical contingent fee agreement states that the personal injury lawyer receives one-third of any recovery, plus expenses he has advanced. If your lawyer asks for any more than one-third plus expenses, it is probably time to take your case elsewhere.

During your initial consultation (which should be free), your personal injury attorney will listen to the facts and circumstances surrounding your accident. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You want to know everything there is to know about the process, including an approximate timeline, and how much the attorney feels your case is worth. No personal injury lawyer can tell you precisely how long your case will take or how much money you will ultimately receive, but a good personal injury lawyer will not be afraid to give you a tentative time line and ballpark figures.

Once you retain a personal injury lawyer, always remember you are not stuck with that lawyer. You can fire him at anytime and retain a new personal injury lawyer. The old lawyer may be entitled to a lien on the attorney’s fees (which comes out of your new lawyer’s share), so you should always choose your personal injury lawyer carefully the first time around. But if your personal injury lawyer turns out to be the type that doesn’t return phone calls, doesn’t properly communicate, and stalls filing a lawsuit, don’t be afraid to act like The Donald and tell him: “You’re fired.”


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